I'm a full-stack developer, specialized in front-end engineering and Python/Django. Also a recovering journalist.

Technical Skills

Expert front-end developer. Javascript with or without JQuery, with or without ES6, HTML5/CSS, SCSS, AMD, Browserify, etc. etc. Experienced with responsive design and architecture on Very Large Sites™, and all the cross browser/device trouble that can come with it. Ready to discuss if and when to use a framework (or when to use something like React), when an SPA might be a good idea.

Expert in Python and Django, with the works: Celery, Pipeline or Compressor, Sqlite or MySQL/MariaDB, unit testing (with Mock), Fabric, Nginx, Redis.

Dabbles in Flask and Swift.

Of course, at some point what you know becomes "how to build applications that solve problems," and choosing tools is just the first step.


University of Missouri: School of Journalism, Honors College

Graduated Cum Laude, 2010