• The Atlantic, Web Developer

    Washington, DC, Apr 2013-Present

    Full stack developer for The Atlantic and CityLab.

    • Lead the switch to responsive design as principle developer on The Wire's redesign. Introduced new techniques and practices like component-centric development, and tackled some of the hardest problems in responsive design (i.e., ads and embedded content). This laid the foundation for all our sites becoming responsive.
    • Rewrote all of our existing ad infrastructure to tackle new viewability requirements. This included:
      • The ability to tweak behavior (e.g. lazy loading) of ads per placement.
      • The ability to run AB tests on ads.
      • A series of tools for product and AdOps to use for determining exactly what the ad tech was doing on a given page.
    • Built TheAtlantic.com's Video channel, and collaborated with Vimeo on a video on demand store.
    • Upgraded our existing Sponsor Content Tool to support multi-tenancy and infinite scroll, giving the advertising team the tools and flexibility to create sleek, modern sponsor content campaigns.
    • Reinvented the way we handle email newsletters.
    • Helped build out "Ollie," the Django CMS/platform for Atlantic web properties, including evolving best practices to make the codebase stable and fast to iterate on.
    • Helped bring new developers up to speed.
  • Cerner, Web Developer

    Kansas City, Aug 2012-Mar 2013

    In the fallout from MPM I landed at a large healthcare IT consultancy, working on Patient Portal: a web app that allows people to access their medical records and helps hospitals meet federal requirements for EMR usage.

    I tackled technical debt, refactored unmaintainable code, helped train recent compsci grads on Django and front-end development, and pushed for better adherence to best practices in web application development.

  • Mediaphormedia, Web Developer

    Lawrence, Kansas, Feb 2012-Aug 2012

    Joined the Interactive Development (UI) team at the shop that invented Django, working on the Ellington CMS and Marketplace.

    Reinvented our small business site-builder (similar to MediaTemple's Virb) with in-page drag-and-drop editing that vastly improved the user experience (and dramatically simplified the code). The plan was to apply this technique to other parts of Ellington, improving our customer-facing admin UI across the board.

    Unfortunately, The World Company decided to shut down MPM.

  • Kansas City Star, Web Designer/Developer

    Kansas City, Aug 2010-Feb 2012

    One of two designer-developers responsible for building and maintaining the Star's entire digital portfolio. We worked with various stakeholders to support editorial staff with effective design and development solutions under tight deadlines.

    I designed, developed and maintained a wide variety of web products, built up a collection of tools to automate tedious tasks and save editors time, integrated the newroom's new content management system into our homegrown Python/Django environment, and worked closely with writers and editors to ensure it all suited their needs.

  • Columbia Missourian, Designer

    Columbia (Mizzou), Aug 2009-Dec 2009

  • GFK MRI, Intern

    New York, Jun 2009-Aug 2009

  • Columbia Missourian, Reporter

    Columbia, May 2008-Aug 2008

Technical Skills

Expert level front-end developer. Javascript with or without JQuery, with or without ES6, HTML5/CSS, SCSS/LESS. Experienced with responsive design on Very Large Sites™. Ready to discuss if and when to use a framework, but a big fan of lean tools like Modernizr and Underscore. Solid understanding of cross browser and cross device issues, and all too-familiar with subpixel bugs.

Expert level Python+Django, with “the works”: Redis, Nginx, Celery, MySQL/MariaDB, unit testing (with Mock), Fabric, etc.

Of course, at some point what you know becomes “how to build applications that work,” and choosing tools is just the first step.

My personal server runs nginx with Gunicorn and Supervisord on Ubuntu.


University of Missouri

School of Journalism, Honors College

Graduated Cum Laude

Magazine Emphasis with a focus on Editorial Design