Jason Goldstein

Developer, Live music afficianado, Serious coffee-drinker.
Have beagle, will travel.

I’m a web technologist in Washington, DC, working primarily with Front End and Python stacks since 2010.

I drink my coffee extra black, made movies as an independent film group I co-founded called Be The Shoe, have a Beagle puppy named Ziggy who is the mayor of D.C..

Currently mourning live music and world travel while hanging out in lockdown, walking my dog, listening to vinyl and trying to teach myself to play acoustic guitar over the internet.

Social media is dead to me. If you want to say hello, email me.


Web Performance, Next.js, and the Institution of Marriage

Because if you're going to put your wedding photos on the internet, the site should be fast.

May 2020, about 10 pages.

Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs

A cry for help in a world with too much javascript

February 2019, about 7 pages.

Offline in the Internet Book Store

An odyssey of discovery, disconnection, and paperbacks

September 2018, about 5 pages.

I’m too stupid for AsyncIO

A Python misadventure

August 2017, about 8 pages.

One Weird Trick to Destroy Western Civilization

November 2016, about 7 pages.

On Magpies and Cheap Cameras

July 2016, about 5 pages.

Et Cetera

All the fun stuff.


“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”

Ziggy For America

A revolution with floppy ears



Sort of a photo essay

Be The Shoe

We make movies worth watching