Jason Goldstein

Developer, Live music afficianado, Serious coffee-drinker.
Have beagle, will travel.

I’m a web technologist in Washington, DC, working primarily with Front End and Python stacks since 2010.

I drink my coffee extra black, made movies as an independent film group I co-founded called Be The Shoe, have a Beagle puppy named Ziggy who is the mayor of D.C., recently caught the travel bug, and see as much live music as I possibly can.

These days I don’t pay much attention to social media. If you want to say hello, just email me.


2020 Technology Wishlist

Pragmatic ideas that are completely feasible and actually good for the end users.

Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs

Offline in the Internet Book Store

Service Workers of the World Unite

Not exactly a manifesto.

I’m too stupid for AsyncIO

A Python misadventure

One Weird Trick to Destroy Western Civilization


I lead a developer team at The Atlantic focused on the hardest problem on the web: how to fund journalism in ways that make for a great reader experience.

Can all the ads be fast?

A data-driven approach to speeding up TheAtlantic.com

The Case For Bespoke Advertising

How The Atlantic is improving the user experience by building better ads

Viewability Rising

Why The Atlantic baked Advertising and Analytics into our platform

Et Cetera

All the fun stuff.

Ziggy For America

A revolution with floppy ears

Be The Shoe

We make movies worth watching


Sort of a photo essay


“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”