I'm a full-stack developer, specialized in front-end engineering and Python/Django. Also a recovering journalist.

Technical Skills

Full-stack developer. After a few years, what you know becomes "how to reliably build applications that solve problems," and choosing tools is just the first step.

Expert front-end developer. Javascript with or without JQuery, with or without ES6, HTML5/CSS, SCSS, Browserify, SVG, Gulp, etc. etc. Experienced with responsive design and architecture on Very Large Sites™, and all the cross browser/device trouble that can come with it. Ready to discuss tradeoffs in using frameworks (e.g., React), BEM vs semantic classes, performance, etc.

Expert in Python and Django, with the works: Django Rest Framework, Celery, Pipeline or Compressor, Sqlite or MySQL/MariaDB, unit testing (with Mock), Fabric. Knows enough about servers to be dangerous (or host my own stuff), Nginx, Redis, Supervisord, Ubuntu.

Have dabbled in Flask, Swift, Ruby, but I tend to focus on building depth in a narrow, powerful set of tools.


University of Missouri: School of Journalism, Honors College

Graduated Cum Laude, 2010