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One year in concert photos

![The Walking Sticks (at UHall) 2015-06-26 19.18.20.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/The Walking Sticks (at UHall) 2015-06-26 19.18.20.jpg) The walking sticks, an awesome poppy local band in DC.

![springtime carnivore2015-02-24 21.06.24-30.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/springtime carnivore2015-02-24 21.06.24-30.jpg) Springtime Carnivore is Gretta Morgan's awesome new project. You may recognize her from The Hush Sound

![Lady Lamb 2015-04-09 21.39.39.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Lady Lamb 2015-04-09 21.39.39.jpg) Lady Lamb. This one is all about the writing.

![Walk the Moon 2015-04-16 21.45.17.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Walk the Moon 2015-04-16 21.45.17.jpg) Walk The Moon. Their last single was "Shut up and Dance with Me." That's an apt description.

![Tei Shi 2015-04-25 23.24.13.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Tei Shi 2015-04-25 23.24.13.jpg) Tei Shei. It's always great to see musicians like this in tiny intimate venues before they blow up. Which she will.

![Priests 2015-05-07 23.15.16-25.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Priests 2015-05-07 23.15.16-25.jpg) Priests. This one time we went to a punk rock show.

![Surfer Blood 2015-05-10 22.13.29.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Surfer Blood 2015-05-10 22.13.29.jpg)

Surfer Blood. Saw them twice this year. Just stop here and go listen to "Take it Easy."

![Body Language 2015-05-21 22.05.12.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Body Language 2015-05-21 22.05.12.jpg)

Body Language. Because why not?

![Samantha Fish 2015-06-02 20.59.06.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Samantha Fish 2015-06-02 20.59.06.jpg)

Samantha Fish. Because I like mild hyperbole, I'm going to call her the New Queen of Blues. But seriously, she's awesome.

![Rhye 2015-06-10 21.20.09.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Rhye 2015-06-10 21.20.09.jpg)

Rhye. Yes, they're playing in an old synagogue.

![Courtney Barnett 2015-06-14 22.27.12.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Courtney Barnett 2015-06-14 22.27.12.jpg)

Courtney Barnett. Writing is great. So is the Australian accent.

Neko case would go here but Lincoln Theater forbids photography and is very aggressive about it.

![Spoon 2015-06-16 22.16.31-8.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Spoon 2015-06-16 22.16.31-8.jpg)


![San Cisco 2015-07-02 22.26.30.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/San Cisco 2015-07-02 22.26.30.jpg)

One of my new favorites this year. They're called San Cisco.

![Metric 2015-07-06 20.30.03.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Metric 2015-07-06 20.30.03.jpg)


![The New Pornographers 2015-07-10 22.53.26.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/The New Pornographers 2015-07-10 22.53.26.jpg)

And The New Pornographers. Again.

![Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin 2015-08-01 21.24.19.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin 2015-08-01 21.24.19.jpg)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

![Of Monsters and Men 2015-09-20 21.26.51.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Of Monsters and Men 2015-09-20 21.26.51.jpg)

Of Monsters and Men.

![Fratellis 2015-09-21 21.49.35.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Fratellis 2015-09-21 21.49.35.jpg)

The Fratellis. Their live show is captivating, and everyone in the audience knows all the words.

![Buddy Guy 2015-09-28 20.38.11.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Buddy Guy 2015-09-28 20.38.11.jpg)

Mr. Buddy Guy. But you already knew that, right?

![MS MR 2015-10-01 22.05.23.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/MS MR 2015-10-01 22.05.23.jpg)

MS MR. A few years ago I saw them open for Two Door Cinema Club in Chicago, and haven't missed a show since.

![Parov Stelar 2015-11-04 21.56.53.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/Parov Stelar 2015-11-04 21.56.53.jpg)

Parov Stelar, an electric swing band playing in the US for the first time.

![2015-11-12 21.59.20.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/2015-11-12 21.59.20.jpg)

Natalie Prass. Again, one I'm happy to see early in her rise to world domination while I can still make it to the front.

![The Arcs 2015-12-14 21.07.57.jpg](/media//draftin/img/4/The Arcs 2015-12-14 21.07.57.jpg)

The Arcs. You know the guy from The Black Keys? This is his other band.

Grand total: 28 shows.

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