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Fix the Web: Sticky Modal Edition

This may come as a shock to some people, but when a website pops up a sticky “sign up for my newsletter/ebook/whatever” modal while they’re trying to read your site, its readers become annoyed.

Luckily, I have a fix! A Canadian gentleman has created a Kill Sticky Headers bookmarklet that will remove the unwanted garbage from your pages. To make this even faster, I combined it with a Chrome extension called Shortkeys which lets me bind the bookmarklet to cmd+k and wipe it off the screen the moment it catches my attention.

I considered doing something more aggressive, like automatically firing it on load or scroll, but decided I need to know about this nonsense as a matter of professional awareness.

If you have one of these on your site, I recommend finding an elegant place to promote your stuff that doesn’t cover content or interrupt other parts of the experience. I like newsletters. If you’ve got a good one I might even sign up for it.

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