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Joy on the East Coast

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Something I've noticed since I moved to the east coast: when you tell people you make movies, they don't believe you.

Maybe it's a DC thing. This town is so wrapped up in politics and activism, the idea of a bunch of 20-somethings shooting a feature film sounds like bullshit.

And for a moment there, I didn't believe it myself. After Loss For Words, the people in all the premiere photos scattered across the country. LA. Chicago. New York. Wherever the wind blows. And from the outside, it looks quiet. After all, we haven't had a show since 2011, and the cameras stopped rolling on I'm With Joy a long time ago.

Back in October, Randy and I sat down in DC to watch the final cut of I'm With Joy one last time before handing it off for sound design (oh yeah, we've got awesome sound on this movie). We finished, went over some notes, and went back and watched the first rough cut just to make sure we hadn't gotten overzealous in our revisions.

"I'm happy with it." It's not something either of us say lightly.

I'm With Joy spent a full year in post-production. We showed it to test audiences. We cut things. We put things back. We reconstructed the entire opening sequence from scratch. We worked with Dan Barton, a composer and musician, to put together a gripping score. We're doing color correction for the first time ever. We sandpapered this project like nothing we've ever done before.

And we're doing all of this while we have intense full-time jobs.

Yes, it's taking longer. We can't all take a month off work to shoot a feature. We can't rent a theater for a big premiere every year. But we can still do what we do - get the story right, fine-tune the writing and the acting - and make something our cast and crew are proud to show the world. Since we've rebuilt Be The Shoe in New York with so many talented people who dedicated what limited free time to have to the movie, it's far more polished than Loss For Words.

Yes, it's taking longer. Yes, it's worth it.

We're already working on ways to speed up the process—to think about stories in a way that make them faster to shoot and edit. As always, we'll adapt to the locations, talent, and timelines available to us.

I'm With Joy is coming. We've submitted to festivals and have a release dates in mind for early 2015.

Keep in touch.

Jason Goldstein
Executive Producer

...which is another way of saying "you're damn right we make movies."

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